Monday, April 26, 2010

Lenovo postpone Launch Laptop (Skylight) Working on Linux

Announced "Lenovo" of software it had decided to postpone introduction of "smart notebook" which was supposed to incorporate functions of your laptop with a smartphone.

The device does not weighs more than 900 grams

The company said the device, which was scheduled to be brought to market during this April will be delayed until next July.
And the company attributed the resolution to the willingness to provide new product to fullest for customer, while observers linked it launched new device from "iPad", which provides similar functions to some extent, by "Apple"
The system carries name of "Skylight" and is characterized by light in weight, which does not exceed 900 grams and its battery developed that allow him to work for nearly ten hours of continuous high-power processors.
It features a device also screen-type HD-size 10.1-inch, coupled with a memory chip digital special design, the operating system is Linux, and provides a service offering a range of programs at one time on screen, such as e-mail and social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter ) and play music and movies.
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