Saturday, February 27, 2010

With images : An explanation of the definition of the screen and modify the settings screen resulotion

Today I will explain the display settings for beginners and control through the windows system and not from the command line

Explanation will be on an operating system Linux SuSE 10,2
And can vary the appearance of windows a bit from one system to another, but the names and addresses will remain one in all systems Linux

Definition graphics card
Since we're on the system administrator to enter the Yast in SuSE
After giving the password as in the image

Then enter on the main system control panel ( Control Center ) , continued image

 Then choose the Settings screen

Here we choose the proper frequency

And press OK
The most important thing the work test (do not press directly on the save option without work test and only became completely black screen)
Now, with the rest of the pictures


Hence the pressure test and will go to the blue screen which has a control panel to zoom in and out and up and down to control the size of the blue screen on the frame around the gray

Of course, while you're on the blue screen of test you will find the option to save and if the full screen size of the physical screen and there is no black space around the screen blue
Existing window and control the size of Desktop you have a blue frame around the screen

He noted the existence of a gray size is the zoom level allowed by

There is also a black frame indicates that the frequency selected is not appropriate, and if used will zoom the image of the keys to the external screen

And if you find the framework for the blue screen is equal to the size of the actual screen press save

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